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Suryastro is an unorthodox center of astrological interpretation. Our trust in the ancient knowledge of Vedic Astrology is a source of devotion. Our work is our meditation, as Shree Krishna stated in the Bhagbat Gita. We believe in upholding the highest ideals of Karma Yoga with pure devotion. We strongly condemn religious intolerance and orthodoxy, as the ancient Vedic knowledge represents the mother matrix from where derived all religions. We play our parts as the guardians of trust in the ancient.

We explore the different aspects of astrological understanding. It may surprise you to realize that the Vedic Astrology has a separate section for the interpretation of colors. It would not be surprising if you consider the fact that colors are essentially specific light vibration frequencies. We offer Vedic Varna Chikitsa (color therapy), Vedic Mantra, Vedic Yagya, Vedic Yantra, Chakra Balancing, Vastu Analysis and Vedic Ratnas to the true help seekers.

We realize that the universe consists of negative forces. However, our alignment is with the progressive goodness of fate. If you seek our help to inflict hurt on an innocent, or satisfy narrow personal goals, we would not help you. It is a matter of staying true to our core values imbibing the positive metaphysical. However, when the seeker approaches us with the purpose of light, we would offer the best assistance. We would conduct Chakra balancing and cast beneficial spells to contain & eliminate the negative influences.

We believe in sharing of the true divine knowledge. We undertake classes for students keen on the interpretation of Astrology. The study of astrology can lead to an ever-deepening process of self-awareness and self-understanding.  Our curriculum is designed for students who wish to follow this transformational path.

We offer accurate horoscope readings, and would not conceal the revelations from you, unless you are ready to accept the truth. We are mathematicians of the stars, and we would devise lagan charts, Bhav Chalit, and divisional charts in interpretation of your star signs.    

Purpose of our work is to help you to find and claim your True Potential, Power, Abundance and Uniqueness on this life journey. Our work will bring happiness for us but not cheating or exploiting people. It is true saying that the highest reward for any kind of work is not what you get from it, but what you become by it.

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