How Astrology and Vastu Works Together:

All creations comprises of 5 basic elements these are Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Space(Ether), from the smallest particle of matter to the heaviest body such as planets. The Planetary bodies/forces described in Astrology are thus governed by the subtle nature of the elements. Based on their elemental composition, different planets emanate different intensity of energies. These energies have different influences on us, depending on the planet’s relative position to each other, their size and their moving direction, the speed at which they are rotating.

According to Vedas there is nothing beyond these 5 Elements in the world. Under varying conditions these Elements attract, repel, bind and blend with one another in unending ways.

According Samkhya Darshan (has most scientific approach), the whole of nature (5 Elements) is an amalgation of three Tattvas or Gunas: Rajas, Tamas and Sattva.

Rajas: Activity, Change, Movement, Anger, Exaltation, Great Ambitions, Passion, Cravings for what you do not have etc. Planets governed by this nature – Mercury and Venus.

Tamas: Delusion, Inactivity, Ignorance, Indecision in respect of action, Incapacity for association, Sinful action etc. Planets governed by this nature – Mars, Saturn, Rahu & Ketu.

Sattva: Binds people through attachment to knowledge, Balanced, Growth, Continuity, Auspicious, Happiness, Prosperity etc. Planets governed by this nature- Sun, Moon & Jupiter.

These three Gunas are interdependent and no one can exist without the presence of the other two.

Ancient Rishis correlated these Three Gunas with different Directions and Planets.

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