Directions, Planetary Lord, Gunas and Bhavas Details:                                                                                                      

S.No Direction Planetary Lord Energies Houses /Bhavas
1 North Mercury Sattvic +Rajasic (of Air) 4th
2 North East Jupiter Sattvic 2nd & 3rd
3 East Sun Sattvic+ Rajasic (of Fire) 1st
4 South East Venus Rajasic (of Fire) 11th  & 12th
5 South Mars Rajasic(of Fire)+ Tamasic 10th
6 South West Rahu Tamasic 8th  & 9th
7 West Saturn Rajasic(of Air)+Tamasic 7th
8 North West Moon Rajasic(of Air) 5th  & 6th


In above chart all the Planets showing Direction in “Vastu Purush Kundali” and houses governed in “ Kaal Purush Kundali”. So Placement and Conjunction of Planets in Birth Chart is essential to rectify Vastu Dosh . This correction is the best remedy to neutralize the malefic effects of Planets in Birth Chart by balancing 3 Gunas i,e Rajas, Tamasik and Sattvik.