Vastu Shastra:

Science of Vastu Shastra in ancient times was formulated by considering the magnetic force of Earth, Direction, Sunlight, Directions of Winds and gravitational force of earth. If one follows the rules of Vastu Shastra happiness, riches & abundance, peace of mind is expected. In ancient Hindu scripture the laws for human life were formulated by scientific deductions from natural laws. The five elements like Earth, Water, Fire, Air, & Sky were given the importance in Vastu. VASTU SHASTRA is essentially the art of correct setting where by one can place himself in such a manner so as to absorb the maximum benefits of the Pancha Bhutas as well as the magnetic field surrounding them.  Proper use of the five elements creates a perfectly balanced environment which ensures good health wealth and prosperity
Vastu Shastra is the guidelines given by the Supreme Being. It tells us how to avoid disappointments, diseases and disasters by living in structures which allow a positive cosmic field to be present.

Astrology & Vastu Shastra:

Astrology is an integral part of Vastu Shastra. Astrology uses personified form of Kaal (Time) Purusha while Vastu uses personified form of Vastu (Space) Purusha. But, Vastu is not greater than Astrology.

The importance of astrology in Vastu analysis can be traced to the fact that planetary positions determine the strength or weakness of a horoscope, the planets have influence over directions and sub directions which are the governing facts in Vastu Shastra.

The remedial measures can be done in terms of faulty vibrations of planets and flaw in specific directions by enhancing the positive effects of a planet and reduce negativities to attain Harmony and Balance with Natural Forces.

As per Astrology the inauspicious period of planets cannot be changed but the favorable change in Vastu is capable of minimizing the negative influence of the planets. This can take man more comfortable.

We cannot change our destiny or influence of planets but with the help of Vastu Shastra we can minimize the damage.