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Birth Time Rectification


Correct and Accurate prediction depends on the correctness of Natal Horoscope. Around 60% people have Incorrect Birth Time.

This BTR section is also meant for everyone, those who have an interest in Astrology should consult their horoscope for BTR.

We are using Nirayan Bhav Chalit in addition with Lagan or Ascendant Chart. Lagan is of around 12o minutes. In Nirayan Bhav Chalit Lagan is divided into Nakshtra/Star Lord which can be of 54 minutes and further divided into Up Nakshtra/sub Lord ranging from 3 to 9 minutes.

We know how to rectify the incorrect birth time.

We take Major and Minor life event of one’s life and matched with Horoscope. We guaranteed for accurate Birth Time Rectification.


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