The graph of career changes with the change in Dasas and Transits of Planets .

For accurate reading the placement of Planets in Dasha Bhukti Antra wrt following   Houses are carefully examined :

2nd    H -  Knowledge Acquired in Family .

6 th    H-    Prime House of Service and Working Condition.

7th    H-    Prime House of Business Partner, Trade and Commerce .

10th  H -  Prime House of Career, Name and Fame.

11th  H -  Prime House of Financial Gain.

Career Report Includes Following :

  • Detailed Analysis of Natal Chart wrt Career.
  • Detailed Analysis of concerned Divisional Charts (D-1 & D-10 ) and Nirayan Bhav Chalit.
  • Effects of Planets & Houses concerned with Career
  • Recommendation of Right Career.
  • Periods of Rise and Down.
  • Dasha Analysis and Remedies .

Rs- 500/-