Medical Astrology is a branch of Indian Astrology in which an Astrologer analysis the chart to determine the timing of ON SET of disease and FADE OFF disease.

For accurate reading the placement of Planets in Dasha Bhukti Antra wrt following  Houses is carefully examined :

6th    H -   It denotes sickness and disease.

8th    H -   It denotes chronic disease and surgical operation.

12th H -   It denotes confinement to bed, hospitalization and expenses there on.

Health Report Includes Following :

  • Detailed Analysis of Natal Chart wrt Health.
  • Detailed Analysis of concerned Divisional Charts  and Nirayan Bhav Chalit.
  • Effects of Planets & Houses concerned with Health.
  • Periods of Good and Poor Health.
  • Dasha Analysis and Remedies.

Rs- 500/-