Accurate Predictive Astrology Course – NADI ASTROLOGY

Course Duration: 30 Hrs or Upto 100 % Satisfaction Level.

Class Duration and Timings: 1 hour (Working Days/Weekend, Flexible Timings).

Language of Teaching: English/ Hindi.

Mode of Teaching: Online/Correspondence/Classroom.

Teach By: Team.

Qualifications: Specially Designed for Vedic Astrologers.

Fee : 10,000


(i)   You can learn sitting at home and will gain confidence in first lecture. Clear your doubts from our 24 hours online support.

(ii)  Fully interactive with questions answers and discussions of hundreds of birth charts. Detailed discussions on Chart given by you.

(iii) Scientific Description and Analysis of Ayanamsa and Nirayan Bhav Chalit.

(iv) Limited Strength not more than 5 Student. Attention is our First Priority.

(v)  Exposure to Astrology Consultancy Services to our Client’s.

(vi) Find out the Timing of an Event.

Study material: Books on NADI ASTROLOGY will be provided by us.


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