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Nadi Astrology


According to principle of NADI Astrology, Zodiac is divided into 12 equal sub divisions of signs and with equal sub divisions of  “27 Nakshtras”. These Nakshtras are further sub divided into unequal “249 Sub Lords”.

NADi Astrology lays greater emphasis on the Sub Lord which is stronger than the Nakshtra and in same sequence the Nakshtra is stronger than the Planet.

In this system “Nirayan Bhav Chalit” Chart is casted from the Lagan Chart by using correct AYANMSA.

For fructification or culmination of an event, we dont have to see only one HOUSE/BHAV relevant to that event because other HOUSES are also affected. The impact of other HOUSE is also to be taken into consideration while predicting an event.We considered all relevant HOUSES and their effects in NBC for determining the timing of an event.


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