anitha-sharma-astroAcharya Anita Sharma (Gold Medalist)  

Anita Sharma  is an internationally renowned astrologer, got into the field of astrology in the year 1997. She is having an expertise in Remedial Astrology.

Expert in :
Vedic Astrology ~Reiki Healing ~Pendulum Healing ~Aura Cleansing ~Chakra Balancing ~Kundalini Shakti ~Crystal Healing ~

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new-logoSaurabh Surya

Mr Saurabh Surya is a famous Astrologer and Vastu Shastra Consultant. First time in world he is using the concept of Vedic Astrology and NADi Astrology and combined the strong effects of Vedic and NADi Astrology and giving most accurate and precise readings.

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