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Vedic Astrology


“Vedic”, comes from the word “Veda” in Sanskrit, which means knowledge, in a very broad context. Vedic knowledge embodies every area of human experience. Thus not only spiritual, but medical, political, technical, cultural, and astrological areas of study were to be found in the Sanskrit Vedic writings

Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) is based on the ancient scriptural texts of India called the Vedas.  Vedic Astrology is deeply rooted in spiritual practice. Jyotish is called the eye or light of the Vedas. It is a tool for discovering more about yourself, getting validation of where you’ve been in your journey, it shows what patterns you have created–both helpful and harmful. It also gives inspiration and encouragement to move forward in higher and better ways if used rightly.

Vedic philosophy and Vedic astrology readings assume the law of karma, which states that a human being lives and works within certain parameters created by actions performed in prior lifetimes. Thus it is generally regarded as predictive in nature — it can show when the results of such prior actions will come to fruition in the present life


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